South Korea’s next presidential candidate candidate: The current prime minister is the most supported

South Korean opinion polling agency Realmeter released poll data today, showing that in the next presidential election potential candidates, Premier Li Luoyuan led the 13.9% support rate, former Prime Minister Huang Jiaoan Followed by 13.5%.

South Korea’s joint news agency pointed out that Realmeter was commissioned by online media OhmyNews to conduct a strong candidate survey on 12 candidates for the next presidential election for 2011 adults in South Korea on December 24, 26, 27, and 28 last year.

According to the results of the polls, Li Luoyuan took the lead with a 13.9% support rate, followed by Huang Jiaoan with 13.5%. The governor of Gyeonggi Province, Li Zaiming, jumped to third place with 9%, and former Seoul Mayor Wu Shixun ranked fourth with 8.6%.

It was followed by Seoul Mayor Park Won-soo (8%), Gyeongsangnam-do Governor Kim Ching-soo (7.3%), former Futuristic Party leader Liu Chengyu (7.2%), former Liberal Party former leader Hong Zhuan (6.2%), Justice Party Member of the House of Representatives Shen Xiangyu (5.7%), Minister of Administration and Security Jin Fuqian (4.3%), Chairman of the Former Future Party Talent Selection Committee An Zhexiu (3.4%), and Zhengfu Party leader Sun Hegui (2.5%).

In the investigation of the Common Democracy, the Democratic Peace Party, the Justice Party support force and the unsupported political party population in the progressive camp, Li Luoyuan led the way with 19.2% support. Li Zaiming, Park Yuanzhang, Jin Qingxuan, Shen Xiangyu and Jin Fuqian were listed.

In the survey of the conservative South Korean party, the future support group and the unsupported party population, Huang Jiaoan ranked first with a 22.5% support rate. Later, it was Wu Shixun, Liu Chengyu, Hong Zhunyi, An Zhexiu, and Sun Hegui.

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