The US government’s suspension has gradually sent a sense of Trump’s olive branch.

The US government partially shut down due to the expenditure bill, which gradually made people feel. President Trump gestured to invite the leaders of the two parties to the White House to hear the border security briefing on the 2nd, and hinted in the tweet that they wanted to reach an agreement with the Democratic Party to end the government’s suspension.

Bloomberg reported that this is the first time the US government has closed the door for 11 days, the first signal that is expected to break the deadlock and restart negotiations. Congressional assistants revealed that the White House invited eight leaders of the two divisions, the two parties, to be briefed by the Department of Homeland Security officials. After the re-election, the Senate and the House of Representatives are scheduled to open on the 3rd.

The leader of the Democratic Party has not publicly expressed whether it will attend.

Trump’s tweet today revealed a hint to the olive branch of the House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi. Luo Luoxi is expected to become the speaker after the Democratic Party regains control of the House of Representatives.

Trump’s tweet wrote: “Zuo Luoxi does not want to encounter the “things” and “stopping” of border security and wall building as soon as the presidency begins! How about reaching an agreement?”

Zhai Luoxi also responded with a tweet, saying that Trump “given the Democratic Party a great opportunity to show how we will govern responsibly and quickly pass our plans to end irresponsible #川普政府关门(# TrumpShutdown) – This is the first signal that our Democratic Party is committed to serving the people after regaining control of the House of Representatives.

Trump’s tweet today is different from his previous attitude; his previous attitude was tough and the government’s reopening of the spending agreement must include $5 billion for the cost of building walls or fences on the US-Mexico border.

The Democratic Party has rejected the request for the cost of building a wall in Trump. After the re-election of the new Congress, the House Democrats intend to pass two individual expenditure bills, one that will allow 8 ministries that have been suspended from December 22 last year to resume operation until the end of September, and another to allow the country The security department resumed operations briefly until February 8.

This will enable Trump to negotiate the cost of the side wall, and at the same time allow the government department that has partially stopped to open.

But Sen Stewart, a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, said yesterday that the bill that the president did not sign, the Senate would not accept, would be managed by Trump and the Democratic Party.

The US government has partially closed this time, and 9 of the 15 federal ministries, as well as dozens of institutions and hundreds of thousands of government employees, the impact of the stalemate has also made people feel more and more.

Washington’s Smithsonian Institution museums and the National Zoo will be closed on the 2nd due to lack of funding; the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will also suspend most of its business on the 3rd, no longer accept complaints and review wireless communications. The service provider’s merger and acquisition case. Many national parks are not working because most of their staff are not working. Some of the facilities in the park are full of rubbish and the damage cannot be repaired.

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