The poisonous tongue Chuan Pu Le took the nickname of others and this time he was defeated by the “Jun”

US President Trump loves to criticize his Democratic Party and political enemies, ridiculing Hillary Clinton “unfair”, Senator Warren “stupid”, Sanders ” Crazy, I can’t escape the poison of others now, and I have a new nickname “The Clown.”

Agence France-Presse reported that former Vice President Joe Biden joined the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination battle and launched a series of campaigns for the first time on the 3rd. Some people asked him if he wanted to give Chuanpu a nickname. Biden said, then Call him “The Clown”.

Trump called Biden with Sleepy Joe, and Biden did not show weakness when attending a small fundraising event in Columbia, South Carolina. At the request of the supporters, he took a new one for Trump. nickname.

A supporter asked Biden how he would respond to Trump’s frequent attacks on others with insulting words. He also said, “I hope that you will fight back. When you give you the nickname, you will be able to pay back your teeth.”

Biden replied: “I want to give him a nickname, let’s start with the clown!” The words came out and the audience laughed.

The 72-year-old Trump’s old love of Nathan Biden’s age is that he is simply a “green young man” compared to the 76-year-old Biden.

Biden, who is rich in political qualifications, said that he never feared to respond to the Trump attack, but did not want to let Trump use the war of words to reverse the focus of important issues.

Biden said that Trump did “everything and every time he derogated others, asking me to respond directly to me is fine.” He said: “But I don’t want to turn this you into me into a muddy wrestling contest as he wishes.”

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