Japan search for the fall of the F-35 fighter to find parts such as black boxes

A new F-35 stealth fighter from the Japan Air Self-Defense Force fell on the outer sea of ​​Aomori Prefecture on April 9. Japanese Defense Minister Iwaya said today at a regular press conference that it is already deep in the sea. Find some parts such as the flight recorder (black box) of the fighter.

The F-35 crash accident belonging to the Japan Air Self-Defense Force Sanze Base (Aomori Prefecture) was completed in two days. After the plane crashed into the sea, the Japanese Self-Defense Force and the US military dispatched a special ship to search for it.

Iwaya said that after May 3, the Japanese Marine Research and Development Agency (JAMSTEC), a sea-wide wide-area research ship assisted by the search, Kaimei (Xieming) found a maneuvering seat at the seabed about 135 kilometers east of the Sanze base and about 1500 meters deep. Part of the parts such as the flight recorder.

The rock house said that the items picked up are part of the F-35 body and are being confirmed, but the most important record height and speed of the flight recorder are not found.

Rock House said that in order to clarify the cause of the crash, it will continue to search for the unidentified driving and the main body of the fighter.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aopl/201905070142.aspx

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