Hawaiian Big Island volcanic vibration continuous observation station issued a yellow warning

Scientists at the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii, USA, have been attacked by at least 50 small earthquakes since October last year, prompting American geologists to issue a yellow warning.

Reuters reported that the Hawaii Volcano Observatory (HVO) warned that the world’s largest active volcano, Mauna Loa, does not appear to erupt immediately, and the crustal movement has increased, representing the movement of the “shallow magma storage system” under the volcano.

The observatory said: “As it happened before, the low level of unrest may continue and change intensity for several months, or even within a few years. The current unrest may also be a precursor to the final outbreak, we At this point it is difficult to determine which is more likely.”

The yellow warning is Level 2 of the Hawaii Volcano Observatory, which is higher than green and represents “background activity, non-eruption status”; orange represents volcanic “volatility increases or escalates, increasing volcanic eruption”, red It means that the eruption is imminent.

The Observatory said: “The Hawaii Volcano Observatory expects that the monitoring instrument will detect an increase in signs of eruption several days or weeks before the eruption. However, the approximate time to eruption may be shorter, only hours to days. All in the volcano The side communities should be prepared.”

Mauna Loa is more than half of the Big Island in Hawaii, at an altitude of 4,169 meters. The last eruption occurred in March-April, 1984, when the magma turbulence reached 8.05 kilometers.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aopl/201907030030.aspx

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