Russian submarine fire 14 dead 7 Navy Colonel and 2 heroes unfortunately killed

Russian Defense Ministry said today that a deep-sea research submarine fire broke out, causing 14 sailors to die; Russian media reported that this is a nuclear-powered submarine to perform sensitive missions. President Putin confirmed that seven naval colonels and two Russian heroes were killed.

Agence France-Presse reported that Russian officials have hardly explained the situation of this submarine or accident, but there are many high-ranking officers in the submarine, which means that this is not an ordinary task.

The Russian Ministry of National Defense said that the “Scientific Research Deep-sea Submarine” had a fire in the study of the seabed topography in the Russian territorial waters of the far north. The 14 officers and soldiers inhaled toxic gases and died.

However, Russia’s “Novaya Gazeta” quoted sources as saying that the accident was caused by the AS-12 nuclear-powered submarine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a full investigation into the “tragedy”. Putin said: “This is a huge loss for the navy and all the soldiers.” In 2000, the Russian nuclear-powered submarine “Kursk” sank in the Barents Sea due to two explosions at the bow. All of them lost their lives and shocked the reputation of Putin, who was the first year of the president.

Putin said: “We know that this is not an ordinary submarine. This is a scientific research submarine. The ship is extremely professional.”

He said the victims included seven naval colonels and two navies awarded the highest honor medal of the “Hero of Russia”.

Putin has ordered Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to go to Severomorsk to investigate and report to him.

An anonymous military expert refutes the allegation that a scientific investigation has occurred. He said, “It is usually said that it is necessary to cover up the work on the seabed,” such as laying submarine cables.

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