Submarine fire 14 dead Norway radiation bureau said there is a gas explosion Russia denied

After a 14-death fire in a Russian submarine, the Interfax News Agency quoted the Russian Ministry of Defense as saying that it did not report to the Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Bureau that the submarine had been angered. burst”.

Reuters reported that the Russian Defense Ministry said earlier today that the submarine responsible for deep-sea research yesterday had a fire in the seabed investigation in the Arctic Sea, killing 14 Russian sailors.

Per Strand, director of the Norwegian Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, later said that Russian officials had told the submarine that there was a gas explosion: “A Russian gas force confirmed that there was a gas explosion. We are waiting for the Russian side to provide relevant information. There is information on the nuclear reactor on the submarine.” The Norwegian Radiation Protection Agency (NRPA) said it did not find an increase in radiation in this area.

Agence France-Presse reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense denied this: “The news about the Russian deep-sea scientific research submarine did not send a notice to the Norwegian side.”

Russian officials provide very little information on the submarine or the case, and the submarine has many high-ranking officers on board, which may indicate that this is not an ordinary task.

Russia’s “Novaya Gazeta” quoted sources as saying that the incident occurred on an AS-12 mini-nuclear submarine capable of extremely deep dive.

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