With the group went to Japan but escaped from Vietnam travel agency visa agency qualification was canceled

Vietnam’s eight travel agencies have traveled to Japan for sightseeing, but there have been passengers fleeing. The Japanese Embassy in Vietnam has cancelled seven of the tour group visas from this month and suspended the visa application for a travel agency. 6 months.

The phenomenon of Vietnamese tourists’ fake smuggling and collective escape is quite common. Except for Taiwan’s 152 passengers who escaped at the end of last year and the largest record in the history, there have been similar incidents in Japan, South Korea and Israel. In November last year, there were 4 passengers. After the group went to Japan for sightseeing, they fled, and in February this year, there was an escape.

The Japanese Embassy in Vietnam issued a notice on the 1st. From the 1st, the visas for visas of seven Vietnamese travel agencies, such as VIETTOURIN and NAM CUONG TOURISM, were cancelled. The visa application qualification of VIETTRAVEL HANOI travel agency was suspended for 6 months.

The Japanese Embassy in Vietnam issued the above measures for these travel agencies on the grounds of “serious violation of relevant commitments”, but did not explain much.

The “Labor Workers” news website of Vietnam reported last night that the eight travel agencies were cancelled or suspended by the Japanese Embassy because they had escaped from the tour group when they visited Japan.

VIETTRAVEL Travel Agency said that 566 tour groups and nearly 17,000 passengers traveled to Japan last year. Some of the tour groups organized by VIETTRAVEL HANOI Travel Agency Branch escaped or returned late, and the company had no time to report to the Japanese Embassy. The qualification for visa application for this branch tour group was suspended for 6 months.

VIETTRAVEL Travel Agency said that it has recently taken relevant measures to prevent similar incidents. In the first six months of this year, travel agencies arranged more than 11,000 passengers to visit Japan, but no passengers escaped. For the visa application for the suspension of the tour group, the Japanese Embassy will communicate and explain.

Japan is currently one of the most popular destinations for Vietnamese tourists. Last year, Vietnamese tourists visited Japan for more than 380,000 person-times, a 25% increase compared with the previous year.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aopl/201907030105.aspx

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