Discussions on the Juche Ideology in Asia on “Self-reliance, Self-reliance and Security of World Peace”

A discussion on the Juche Ideology in Asia on “self – reliance, self – reliance and security of world peace” was held on June 29 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Discussion meeting, the Great Leader Kim Il Sung, Comrade Great Leader and Kim Jong Il comrade, the best Il reverence for Kim Jong-un to introduce the development of the state rojak comrades and Korean books that were doeyeo exhibition.

Members of the Asia Regional Juche Idea Research Institute, Secretary, Secretary, Lisa and Honorary Guest, Mongolian People and Juche Idea Research Members participated in the debate.

Discussions followed the report of Harish Gubita, the Asia Regional Juche Idea Research Institute.

Reporters and panelists praised Kim Il Sung , the outstanding figure of the 20th century, as the founder of the Juche idea, thoroughly implemented the revolution and construction, and wisely led the Korean people to demonstrate the revolutionary spirit of self-regeneration and push forward the construction of socialism .

With the original Songun politics of Kim Jong-il , Chosun was able to be dignified as a world-class political and military powerhouse. In the face of world peace, Songun politics, which has strengthened its own military power even under severe trials, .

Your Excellency Kim Jung Eun once again revealed that building a banner-high socialist power in self-regeneration at the Fourth Plenary Session of the Central Committee of the Workers ‘Party of Korea was once again a politically motivated political path of the Workers’ Party of Korea. Because of his sophisticated leadership, They said they were showing off the majesty.

At the debate, a letter was sent to a dear leader of the highest-ranking comrades.

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