Japan-Korea trade war first open affairs level negotiation is difficult to reach consensus

After Japan imposed control measures on South Korea on the 4th, the two sides initiated the first-level transaction-level consultation today, and will be attended by the class leader. Japanese media reported that because the Japanese government insisted on not negotiating the control measures and did not intend to withdraw it, the consultation is expected to speak out.

The dispute between Japan and South Korea due to the employment of former employers (South Korean workers forced by Japanese companies) has deteriorated. The Japanese government’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry announced on the 1st that it will strengthen the control of three key electrons of fluorine-containing polyimides, photoresists and etching gases. The export of raw materials to South Korea is considered a counter-measure against South Korea.

The Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) reported that this two-level government affairs level meeting will be the first level of consultation between the two sides after the Japanese government launched export control on South Korea on the 4th.

The meeting was scheduled to be held at 2 pm Japan time in the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. Japan was sent to the head of the trade management department, and South Korea also sent a head of the trade security.

The consultation was held closed and not open to the public, but it is conceivable that South Korea will ask Japan to elaborate on this control measure and hopes that Japan will withdraw its control as soon as possible.

The Japanese side will directly explain that the three raw materials for export control are materials that can be transferred to military use. South Korea has been found to have many inappropriate cases, and the South Korean authorities have not taken appropriate countermeasures to “have concerns about security.”

The Japanese government believes that this control measure is to re-examine the domestic use of trade management. “It is not the object of negotiation between Japan and South Korea”, so it will not be withdrawn in principle. Therefore, in the afternoon, Japan-Korea affairs level consultations are expected to speak out.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aopl/201907120100.aspx

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