After the French National Day military parade, the demonstrators gathered in the streets of Paris to trouble again.

France celebrated the National Day today, President Mark Hong hosted a military parade on the Champs Elysées, European leaders also attended the ceremony, a few hours after the military parade, the French police used tear gas to drive away the protesters .

The famous Champs Elysees resumed shortly after the military parade, but hundreds of grassroots “yellow vest” protesters tried to occupy the streets. At this time, Mark Hong and the VIPs had already set off for lunch at the presidential palace.

The police used tear gas to drive away the protesters and some troublemakers wearing hoodies who tried to block the road with iron fences and trash cans.

According to a video obtained by Reuters, a policeman used a pepper spray to drive away two protesters. Another man kicked him to the ground from behind and gave him a few punches. The policeman and his colleagues also used the batons to fight back. .

The police said that the authorities had ordered the protesters to leave the scene or force them to leave.

During the military parade, 4,300 sergeants passed through the Champs Elysées without any obstruction, but when Mark Hung and the chief of staff, Francois Lecointre, took the open-top commander, the “yellow vest” protested the crowd with some ridicule and whistles. .

The source told AFP that the three leading members of the event were detained for several hours but were released later.

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