The National Media Agency in Lebanon: Choosing Dubai as the Arab Media Capital is a step towards further leadership

Director of the National Information Agency in Lebanon, Laure Suleiman, confirmed that the selection of the Council of Arab Information Ministers at the end of its 50th session at the headquarters of the Arab League in Cairo is the capital of Arab Media 2020. This is a step towards greater leadership, ambition and progress, Has made major leaps in all areas.

She said that this step constitutes an area of ​​dialogue and comes as a culmination of the efforts of the UAE in general and the Emirate of Dubai in particular, which is making continuous progress in the modern media, which keeps abreast of the technological and practical developments in light of its orientation and leading role in the fields of media and communication.

She explained that Dubai has taken advantage of an advanced strategy, especially in the implementation of the government’s smart policy and has made the management of international communication more with most of the world-famous media in all languages.

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