Taiwan-US Religious Ambassadors Talks on Taiwan’s Meaningful Contributions

US and Taiwan International Religious Ambassador Brown Baker and Buying. Da Li held bilateral talks. The two sides talked about Taiwan’s human rights values, religious freedom, and meaningful participation and contribution in the international community. Taiwan’s religious freedom is an indispensable role.

The US State Department held the second “Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom” in Washington from 16th to 18th. Taiwan was invited to participate again this year.

Gao Shuotai, the representative of the United States, and Buchan, the first ambassador of religious freedom in Taiwan. Dali participated in the event and interacted with other officials and representatives from 106 countries and related countries.

Gao Shuotai said in an interview that the Republic of China Taiwan fully responded to the promotion of religious freedom by the US State Department. In addition to holding the Indian-Cypriot Dialogue in Taipei in March this year to promote religious freedom, it also pledged to donate US$1 million to the “International Religion” established by the US State Department. The International Religious Freedom Fund is used to promote religious freedom worldwide. In addition to the fund, the United States intends to establish an international religious freedom alliance. How to turn the concept into action is the focus of discussion at this meeting.

Gao Shuotai also pointed out that this year the United States specially arranged for Sam Brownback and Buxing. Da Li held bilateral talks and exchanged views on the theme of the conference and Taiwan’s human rights values, religious freedom, meaningful participation in the international community and meaningful contributions, and Taiwan’s indispensable role.

Buxing. Da Lize pointed out that freedom and democracy are the strengths of the diplomatic work of the Republic of China. Taiwan is a beacon of democracy and religious freedom. As long as the doctrine is true, no matter which religion can survive in Taiwan. In addition, Taiwan’s rich religion and religion are becoming more mature. The dialogue in the past, now respecting each other and further admiring each other, is the basic spirit of religious freedom.

As for whether next year will cooperate with the US State Department to hold the Indo-Religious Freedom Forum, Buxing. Da Li did not say that he only said that he would continue to hold a folk religious forum, and he would also invite Brown Baker to attend Taiwan again.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aopl/201907190018.aspx

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