Turkey purchases Russian missiles Trump: no sanctions have been considered yet

Turkey purchased S-400 anti-aircraft missile system from Russia. The United States announced on the 17th that it would exclude Ankara from participating in the F-35 stealth fighter development program. US President Trump said on the 18th that he has not considered sanctions against Turkey for this procurement case.

Turkish media reported that Trump was asked at the White House Oval Office on the 18th whether he sanctioned Ankara. “No, we have not considered this matter now, no.”

Trump said on the 16th that it is unfair to Turkey on the issue of the F-35 fighter because Ankara once sought to purchase the Patriot air defense missile system from Washington, but the US refused to sell it. He said, “The situation in Turkey is very complicated and difficult” and expressed its unwillingness to punish Ankara for purchasing the Russian missile system.

On the 17th, Washington decided to kick Ankara out of the F-35 project. The Turkish Foreign Ministry in the statement criticized the US for its “unfair decision” and lacked justified reasons, and demanded “recover this mistake”, emphasizing that the move “will inevitably be bilateral.” The relationship caused irreparable damage.”

Ankara ignored the repeated request of Washington to cancel the S-400 procurement case, and began to receive the system from the 12th. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on the 15th that the S-400 system to be purchased will be delivered in April 2020. “Our new goal is to produce with Russia.”

Washington said the S-400 is incompatible with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) system, and if the missile system is deployed near the F-35, the F-35’s defense capabilities will be destroyed, so it is trying to block Ankara’s procurement. S-400, but hard work for several months has not been successful. Turkey originally ordered hundreds of F-35 fighters.

Ankara has repeatedly stated that the S-400 meets the strategic defense needs, mainly to protect the security of southern Xinjiang adjacent to Syria and Iraq, and when the purchase contract with Russia, the United States and Europe did not propose a viable alternative.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aopl/201907190019.aspx

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