Controversial remarks provoke resentment, Puerto Rican Governor is not re-elected but refuses to step down

Puerto Rico Governor Rossello published gender discrimination and hateful homosexual speech to detonate controversy. For more than a week, there have been people protesting to ask Rosello to resign. Rossello finally responded today and announced that he would not seek re-election next year, but refused to step down.

Ricardo Rossello posted a video on Facebook and said, “I have heard your voice. I am listening today. I made a mistake and I apologized.”

“I admit that it is not enough to apologize, so I announced that I will not seek re-election for the Governor next year.” He also said that he would leave the position of the New Progressive Party chairman.

Rosello also said that he would face the impeachment process being studied by the parliament in a “responsible manner and sincerely.”

Former Governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla told the American television station Telemundo that Rossello “is fighting for time to see if the protest will come to a halt.”

Today, hundreds of people gathered in front of the Governor’s residence, shouting slogans such as “They can’t stop us,” and held high the “Ricky (Rosero) resignation” slogan.

The encrypted communication software Telegram chat content leaked last week, and Rossello and 11 other male government members criticized officials, politicians and media reporters in the chat.

According to a summary published by the News Research Center and the local daily newspaper El Nuevo Dia, they shared memes, jokes and sexual insults.

In one of the conversations, Puerto Rican Finance Minister Christian Sobrino made a homophobic remark about Latin superstar Ricky Martin.

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