Han Mei August military media: Trump did not promise Kim Jong-un to cancel

South Korean media reported today, according to Reuters reported on the 20th, South Korean President Peace Planning Secretary Cui Zhongjian said in Colorado, USA: “As far as I know, Trump did not promise Kim Jong-un to cancel August. The joint military exercise between South Korea and the United States will be carried out according to the plan.”

South Korea’s “East Asia Daily” pointed out today in the diplomatic security edition that Cui Zhongjian said at the security forum held in Colorado on the same day: “This exercise is not for attack, but to strengthen the alliance and will not mobilize the on-site force, mainly in the form of computer simulation.”

The report pointed out that Radio Free Asia Radio (RFA) reported on the 20th that the US Indian Pacific Commander Philip Davidson, who is in charge of the US military in South Korea, said at the same security forum: “We held 2 times on the Korean peninsula in February and August each year. The main Korean-US joint military exercise, I have ordered the joint military exercise in August to proceed as scheduled.”

North Korea’s 16th Foreign Ministry spokesperson and reporter’s question and answer in the form of a condemnation said: “The August Korean-US joint military exercise was torn between the agreement between US President Trump and Kim Jong-un, chairman of the North Korean Affairs Committee.”

North Korea said: “The cessation of joint military exercises is not only the first Sichuan gold meeting in Singapore last June, but also a clear-cut issue at the end of June this year.” The military exercise will have an impact on future denuclearization consultations.

After North Korea’s stated position, US Secretary of State Pompeo refuted on the 17th: “The United States is fulfilling Trump’s commitment to Kim Jong-un and moving in the right direction. I am sure that negotiations with North Korea will continue.”

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aopl/201907220048.aspx

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