Iran says it caught 17 CIA spy Trump’s lie full of lies and fictional stories

The US President Trump accused Iran of lying again and again, saying that he has lost interest in negotiating the nuclear deal that replaced the US exit last year. When asked about Iran’s claim to arrest 17 spies, Trump’s anger was a “fictional story” and “another lie.”

When Trump met with reporters at the Oval Office, he was asked about Iran’s statement that it had arrested 17 Iranian citizens who had been recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and collected intelligence at the country’s nuclear and military bases.

The Associated Press reported that Trump responded: “This is a fictional story. Another lie.”

An Iranian intelligence officer said at a Tehran press conference that it was arrested in the past few months and that the arrested people worked at “sensitive bases” in domestic military and nuclear facilities.

Trump said that Iran also lied about the loss of drones. He announced on the 20th that the US warship destroyed the Iranian drone near the entrance to the Persian Gulf. Trump pointed out that Iran “does not respect” the United States and has criticized it as a “very chaotic country” with people with serious economic problems and uncontrolled.

He said, “They have many problems. So, no matter what, I just need to stand still.” See if the Tehran authorities will agree to negotiate on restrictions on nuclear programs and other activities.

“If they want to reach an agreement, but frankly, because Iran’s behavior is very bad, I have become more and more unwilling to trade with them. They are not in a good position.”

Trump today stepped up pressure on words, attacked the Iranian government’s “recessive decline in religious regimes,” and mentioned Iran’s “economic problems are hopeless.”

Agence France-Presse reported that he also used coercion and said that the United States is “ready to face the worst.”

Trump said: “We have made perfect preparations. They are really the world’s number one country of terror.”

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