Al-Mutasim defeats Turkey’s champion in the Maui Tai World Cup in Thailand

Turkey coach Kar Kart has faced Turkey’s Karai Kart at the Mwai Thai World Cup in Bangkok on Tuesday, winning three rounds to qualify for the last 16. Due to injury.

The draw, which runs until the 29th of this month, has attracted 600 players from 99 countries.

In the next round, we will meet our player Ameer Al Hosani with Indian player Aridian Sayah in a weight of under 63.5 kg. Hamdan Mohammed will face Singapore player Linus Lau in a weight of under 60 kg and our player Musallam Al Ameri will meet Polish player Oscar at a weight of 63.5 kg. Our player Elias Habib Ali with Mikita Shostak “Bella Russia” in the weight of under 81 kg, and Mohammed al-Kathiri plays with Filipino Philippe Delarmino in the weight of under 57 kg.

With the draw of our player Zakaria Al-Jamari to the role of 16 directly waiting for the winner of the role of the 32, and will meet our player Noureddine Samir, Algerian player Bencro Secretary in the weight of under 67 kg .. The clashes will be on Thursday in the 16th round between our player Mohamed Hammadi with the player Iraqi Mustafa Al-Tikriti in the weight of under 81 kg, and our player Amin Al-Mutasim will play Gabriel Mazetti of Peru in a weight under 71 kg ..

“The participation of our players in this edition, which witnessed the participation of 600 players have been distributed to 44 categories .. A great opportunity for them to exchange experiences and acquire new skills, and wish success to the team at that international demonstration.

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