The main culprit of the plot, illegal martyrs

25 The following is the full text of the personal pseudonym “Bulletin of the Predator, Illegal Mongolian Rangers” in some “Democratic Chosun”.

According to the report, the South Korean police authorities officially launched an investigation into members of the ruling and opposition parties in the “parliament” held in April for the passage of major reform measures including the reorganization of the electoral system in April.

What is noteworthy is the fact that the reaction of the opposition lawmakers to the investigation is in contrast.

In the meantime, the members of the ruling and opposition parties, including the Democratic Party, the Justice and Development Party, and the Democratic Party of Japan, While expressing his faithfulness to the investigation, he is willing to reveal the illegal behavior of the “free korean party.” He also says, “It is the same as the one who rejects the summons of the police, We must put the people involved in severe punishment. “

As revealed in April, the “free korean party” brought about the shock and wrath of various circles by opening the pace of losing Peter in the “National Assembly” to realize their dirty political ambition without any hesitation.

The “free korean party”, which has long complained about the legislation that the ruling and opposition parties are pursuing, has made the “parliament” a column to prevent the appointment of the bill.

As a result, the “free korean” occupied several meeting rooms of the “National Assembly” and built up the furniture to block the entrance doors, which caused violent clashes between the members of the ruling and opposition parties in the appearance of tools such as the hammer, The “Parliament” was changed into the “Asa-jang” and “Ran-jang”.

Thus, in April, the “Lan Kuk” in the “National Assembly” was created by the disgraceful nature of the “free korean party.” At that time, It is not a coincidence that arguing that a lawyer, the Hwangryoshi, and the lawyer of Rae Kyungwon were created under the pretext of arguing that the illegal lawlessness of the illegal lawless “free Korean government” should be dismantled.

Nonetheless, the “free korean” who is the main culprit of the current turmoil is rebelling against the “political retaliation” and “repression” and is playing with shame to try to pass on their sins to others.

The blatant behavior of “free korean” things, which try to hide the responsibility of crime by covering violence and making the “parliament” into a cartoons of grappling, an “animal parliament” It only reveals the identity of the rebellion party.

Now, South Korea’s various circles strongly demand the demolition of the “self-governing party,” saying, “There is no future in the” Free Korea-US Party, “” If you are honorable to things, you are being asked to be ridiculed like all the other rulers.

In this regard, the South Korean media and experts say that the “free Korean government” is in a more embarrassing situation and that it is difficult for a few unemployed losers to lose their seats or to be elected to the National Assembly next year.

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