The UAE supports the fishermen of the city of Yakhtal in the western coast of Yemen

The UAE has continued its direct support to fishermen in the western coast of Yemen through the implementation of several vital and development projects targeting 26,000 fishermen with 182,000 residents in the region.

In this context, the UAE Red Crescent Authority yesterday distributed a new batch of fishing tools and accessories to 200 fishermen in the city of “Yakhtl” belonging to the Directorate of the West Coast of Yemen.

The representative of the United Arab Emirates Red Crescent said that the tools distributed to fishermen in Yakhtal are part of the initiatives, assistance and works carried out by the UAE in various villages and areas and the liberated western coast districts in the Year of Tolerance 2019 in order to complete the normalization of life. And improve the level of services provided to the brotherly Yemeni people.

For his part, Mohammed Zeid, Director of the Fishermen’s Foundation in Yakhtal said that the UAE Red Crescent carried out several projects directly supporting the fishermen, most notably the rehabilitation and restoration of the fish landing site in Yakhtal.

A number of fishermen expressed their gratitude and thanks to the UAE for their continuous support to them and to the various people of the West Coast.

It is worth noting that during the year 2018 and 2016, the UAE has rehabilitated and established 24 fish landing centers from the Directorate of Bab al-Mandab flies to the Hawk Directorate in Hodeidah city, in addition to providing fishing equipment for 1,000 fishermen to develop the fisheries sector. Will be an important contributor to the Yemeni economy.

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