The global happiness index is lower in 2019, and Brazilians are less happy.

Global market research and investigation company Ipsos surveyed and evaluated the happiness of people in 28 countries. The results showed that the global happiness index fell from 70% to 64% compared with last year. The happiness of Brazilians has also decreased this year.

61% of Brazilian respondents think they are very happy or happy, down 12% compared with 73% of the results in 2018.

Ipsos director Sandra Pessini pointed out that every time there is a presidential election, the spirit of the people will be uplifted, and there will be new expectations for 2019, but then they will be discouraged by disappointment, “confidence and happiness for the economy.” There is a strong correlation between feelings, so the slow recovery of the economy has had a great impact on people’s daily lives.”

In addition to being frustrated by the government and the economy, disaster tragedy and political polarization also affect the perception of happiness.

The survey, called the Global Happiness Study, announced today that between May 24 and June 7, it will be online with 2,300 respondents in 28 countries or regions, and Brazil has 1,000. For many respondents, the error rate was plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

Because it is an online survey, Ipsos’s research represents the population connected to the Internet, and Brazil’s survey accounts for 70% of the total population.

Australia and Canada are the countries with the highest index, and 86% of respondents think they are happy. Followed by China and the United Kingdom, the happiness index is 83%. Argentina has the lowest happiness index (34%), which is 22% lower than last year.

Almost all of the countries in the Americas surveyed have shown a decline in the proportion of happy adults. Except for Brazilians and Argentines, Chileans, Americans and Mexicans are also less happy this year than last year; only Canadians and Peruvians are happy. They increased by 5 percentage points and 4 percentage points respectively compared with last year.

Physical health and comfort are considered by 65% ​​of Brazilians to be a source of happiness, followed by a meaningful job (62%) and a sense of life (59%).

Health is a major factor in happiness in the world, and among the differences in the sources of happiness pointed out by Brazilians, the most prominent is that “doing a meaningful job” ranks 2nd among the most important sources in other parts of the world. This source only appears in the 6th or 10th place.

Pesini pointed out that the current global unemployment rate is very high, many people accept a job that is not their dream or unsatisfactory conditions, and Brazilians still regard “doing a meaningful job” as an important source of happiness. It is not easy.

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