Vietnam, South China Sea, and Vietnam strengthen sovereign propaganda

Vietnam and Chinese ships have recently confronted the Vietnamese side in controlling waters. The Vietnamese government held the South China Sea Sovereign Information Exhibition in Ho Chi Minh City, re-emphasizing Vietnam’s sovereignty over the two islands of Xisha and Nansha (known as Huangsha and Changsha).

The Vietnam News Media website reported on the 11th that the Ministry of Information and Media and other units from Vietnam jointly held the “Huangsha and Changsha vested in Vietnam: historical evidence and legal basis” data exhibition at the Science Society and Humanities University of Ho Chi Minh City National University yesterday. 3 days.

The event was collected by researchers and scholars from Vietnam and abroad to prove the maps and books belonging to the Xisha and Nansha Islands. The organizer adopts 3D technology and has exchange activities with teachers and students.

Hoang Minh Phuong, deputy director of the Department of Information and Communication at the Ministry of Information and Media of Vietnam, said that the oceans and islands are an inseparable part of the country, and that Vietnamese people of all generations have the responsibility to defend the sovereignty of the islands.

Since July, China has dispatched vessels such as the “Marine Geology No. 8” and entered the Wanantan, the most western side of the Nansha Islands, to explore the oil. According to the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, Wanantan is located in the exclusive economic zone of Vietnam within 200 nautical miles.

China dispatched exploration vessels into Wan’an Beach, and Vietnam mobilized sea police vessels and fishing inspection vessels to block the two sides. So far, the Vietnam-China relationship has been in tension. The Vietnamese side repeatedly protested to the Chinese side and actively sought the support of the international community. The official media heavy artillery attacked China’s strong behavior in the South China Sea.

The South China Sea sovereignty dispute involves many countries in the region, including Taiwan, Vietnam, the Philippines and China, all claiming sovereignty. China’s rebuilding of islands and militarization in island reefs such as the Nansha Islands has aroused strong international concern.

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