Netanyahu denied denying the phone near the White House Trump: I believe him

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today denied media reports that Israel is eavesdropping on cell phone calls near the White House. US President Trump said he believes in Netanyahu.

On his way to Russia, Nitan Yahu said that Israel did not eavesdrop on the mobile phones around the US president’s office because he forbids sentimental personnel to monitor the United States.

In 2017, City Hall found a number of small monitors commonly known as Stingray, which mimic mobile phone base stations and intercept calls and messages around the area. Political news site Politico reports that US officials believe that Israel is most likely to operate behind the scenes.

Several former national security officials told Politico that they were related to Israeli sentiment by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and related intelligence agencies.

The Politico newspaper quoted a former official as saying that the devices might want to eavesdrop on President Trump’s message, as well as the president’s high-level staff and cronies. But it is not clear whether Israel’s attempt has worked.

Trump once claimed to be the most Israeli president in American history. He told the media at the White House today that he did not believe the report said. Trump said: “I don’t think Israel will make eavesdropping on us. I think it’s hard to believe.”

Earlier, Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Intelligence, Israel Katz, said Israel did not carry out any espionage mission against the United States.

Kaz said that Israel and the United States share a large amount of intelligence information with each other and jointly prevent threats and cooperate to strengthen security between the two countries.

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