UAE provides emergency aid to survivors of massacre committed by Houthis south of Hodeidah

The UAE, represented by its humanitarian arm, the UAE Red Crescent Authority, has provided emergency shelter and food assistance to Yemeni citizens who survived a recent tragic massacre by Houthi terrorist militias through direct artillery shelling targeting their homes south of Hodeidah, west of Yemen.

The representative of the UAE Red Crescent in the Yemeni west coast said that the crescent received a distress call from the competent authorities in Al-Tahita Directorate for the relief of 23 families in Al-Matina area. Nine people were killed and 11 injured, mostly women and children, and their houses burned. “

He added that the “Red Crescent” as a response to the appeal of distress through the erection of tents and provide survivors of Houthi crime with the need for drinking water and food .. He pointed out that the support of the “Crescent” will continue within the humanitarian efforts of the UAE to alleviate the suffering These families are touching their essential needs.

Adel Mukarshib, Director of the Social Affairs and Labor Bureau in Hodeidah, expressed his thanks and appreciation for the continuous efforts of the United Arab Emirates through its humanitarian arm Red Crescent Authority to provide relief to the victims and provide them with their essential needs as well as their generous support to normalize life in all liberated directorates on the west coast.

For their part, the people expressed their great pleasure in providing alternative housing and thanked them for the great humanitarian role of the UAE on the Yemeni arena, which contributed to the normalization of the lives of Yemenis.

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