Major issues are not heard, Korean media questioned North-South relations as consumables

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South Korea’s “East Asia Daily” pointed out in an editorial today that North Korea will remain silent on major issues such as the broadcast of the South-North Korea match in the World Cup preliminaries in Pyongyang and the joint prevention of African swine fever. It is questioned that South-North Korea relations have become “consumables.”

The editorial pointed out that the South-North Korean confrontation in the World Cup preliminaries held in Pyongyang on the 15th was virtually impossible to broadcast live. North Korea not only did not negotiate the live broadcast, but also discussed the broadcast fee with Japan, and there is no sincerity.

The South-North Korean football match in Pyongyang is the first broadcast of the Pyongyang-Seoul football match in 29 years. The fans are expecting a high level. If North Korea’s attitude towards the live broadcast of the game is not changed, it will only be watched.

In addition, North Korea has not responded to the proposed anti-epidemic campaign in May for the South Korean government to prevent the spread of African swine fever.

The editorial pointed out that between the South and North Korea, there was a climax of reconciliation atmosphere due to various exchanges until last year. However, after the rupture of the Hanoi-Kawasaki River in Hanoi on February 28 this year, the relationship between South and North Korea was “completely halted.” North Korea is an excuse for strategic weapons such as the joint military exercise between South Korea and the United States and the South Korean imports of F-35A fighters, and slams South Korea.

In addition, South Korea has provided food aid to North Korea through the World Food Program, and North Korea has ignored it. South Korea tried to help the flu drug Duffy (also known as flu) at the beginning of this year, and North Korea is silent and ultimately unable to deliver it.

The editorial also said that the South African government has proposed a joint investigation and epidemic prevention after the South Korean government confirmed the North African South African pig mites in May. However, North Korea said that after the reply to the higher-level report, there is still no news. Experts have even found that North Korean troops on the South and North Korean borders threw pigs infected with African swine fever into the river, increasing the possibility of pollution spreading to South Korea, but North Korea remains silent and helpless.

The editorial pointed out that in order to prevent the virus outbreaks in the country from being transmitted to the receiving countries, the normal countries should actively take preventive measures. But for North Korea, this minimum of common sense and morality is hard to expect.

The article pointed out that when North Korea’s relations with the United States are not smooth, it often takes South Korea to vent its anger and regards South-North Korean relations as a scapegoat. However, the recent situation shows that North Korea has always emphasized the improvement of South-North Korea relations, but in fact, it is only a lever for US negotiations. For South Korea, which has hard to block North-South relations, the South Korean government has been apprehensive and bitter.

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