The United States will have confidence in the European goods tax, Trump will win the tariff war

The United States is preparing to impose trade sanctions on European-style goods worth $7.5 billion. President Trump said today that the United States will not lose its tariff war with the EU.

The Associated Press reported that after the World Trade Organization (WTO) ruled that the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus received illegal subsidies, the Trump administration plans to impose punitive tariffs on the 18th. When Trump met with Italian President Sergio Mattarella, he focused on the US trade deficit with the EU. The US trade deficit with the EU last year reached $109 billion.

Trump insisted that the United States will not lose its tariff war with the EU because the trade imbalance between the two sides is too serious.

Trump said: “Over the years, this has been a very serious situation for us. However, the situation is very serious for them now, because I can remedy it very easily, and it will not trigger any financial counterattack. I hope I can not do this. do.”

Trump also urged Italy to raise defense spending when he held a press conference with Madura. Trump said that Italy spent only less than 1.1% of its gross domestic product in defense, less than the 2% target set by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in the Obama administration. However, Trump also said that he is very happy that Italy agreed to purchase 90 “new and beautiful F-35” fighters.

The talks between Trump and Madura are expected to focus on trade, digital taxation, and countering Chinese trade practices that they believe are unfair.

Madura said that tensions in trade relations are not good for either side, and that the addition of tariffs will lead to “counter-effects.”

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