Uruguayan rugby Japanese bar smashing DJ equipment is still rough

Uruguayan football team went to Japan to participate in the World Cup, but there was an incident at the bar. World Rugby said today that the incident was “disappointed” and that it had apologized to the bar and the Japanese police launched an investigation.

According to Japanese media reports, several Uruguayan players squandered drinks, slammed walls and mirrors, and smashed teddy bears at a bar in Kumamoto City. The two players reportedly used rugby’s “tackle” skills for bar staff. Move rough.

According to Kumamoto police, according to bar employees, Uruguayan players destroyed $1,000 worth of DJ equipment and knocked an employee to the ground, causing minor injuries.

The police said: “We brought two Uruguayan players to the police station on October 14th… one is a player who dumped drinks on DJ equipment, and the other is a person who is said to be cuddling employees.”

A police officer said that the police received a report in the early morning of the 14th and entered the bar at 4 o’clock. The police are “detailing investigation and analysis of videotapes and other evidence to determine whether the case constitutes “destruction”.”

The Uruguayan team has no comments at present, and the official Twitter does not mention the matter, only the photos of the team returning.

The World Football Association issued a statement earlier, saying, “I was told that the Uruguayan team had an incident at the Kumamoto Bar.” “It has already apologized on behalf of the World Cup. It is not appropriate to make more speeches before the truth is clear.”

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aopl/201910170143.aspx

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