Bloomberg suddenly intended to compete for the White House Democrats to respond to the acid explosion

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US media reported today that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg strongly considers the next year’s general election to compete for the Democratic presidential nomination. The first primaries of the Democratic Party will appear in three months, and Bloomberg’s move may cast a shock and disrupt the situation.

The New York Times and other media reported that 77-year-old Bloomberg is expected to file a document at least in one state this week. The wealthy media tycoon said in March that he would not join the election, but his adviser Howard Wolfson said that Bloomberg is now worried that the current Democratic candidates on the table cannot beat the Republican current president. general.

According to the report, Bloomberg has sent people to Alabama to collect the necessary company books to register for the Alabama primaries before the deadline for tomorrow. Alabama is not the first state to hold a primary election, but the deadline is relatively early. According to the Democratic Party’s primary election schedule, the Iowa State Party Committee meeting will be held on February 3 next year, which is the first battle for the nomination of the party.

Wolfson said that “Mcco (Bloomberg’s name) is increasingly worried that the current candidates are in an unfavorable situation” and it is difficult to defeat Trump. “With personal accomplishment, leadership and the ability to unite people to promote change, Mai Can win the Trump.”

Reuters reported that there are currently 17 people competing for the Democratic nomination. Recently, the polls show that the war situation has formed the top four positions: the federal senators, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who represent the progressive party within the party. And the former vice-president Joe Biden and the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg.

AFP believes that Bloomberg is regarded as the middle school of pro-Wall Street, and that Warren and Sanders are too left-leaning. The New York Post quoted people familiar with Bloomberg’s plan: “He thinks that Biden is weak and Sanders and Warren will not win.”

Bloomberg is the founder and CEO of Bloomberg LP, and served as Mayor of New York from 2002 to 2013. He opposed some of the policies proposed by Warren and Sanders; Warren and Sanders often criticized financiers and big companies, both of whom said they intended to raise taxes on the rich.

After Bloomberg considered the election news, Warren said: “Welcome Bloomberg to join the election! If you are looking for a very popular policy plan that will have a great impact on the working population, please look here first.” Attached to the personal website link, you can calculate how much tax the rich will pay after she is elected, and it is ironic.

Saunders said in a tweet: “The billionaire class is scared, and they should be afraid.” It is not difficult to see that Bloomberg is considering the election.

If Bloomberg is nominated for the election, it is possible to stage the wonderful drama of the media tycoon Bloomberg on the real estate tycoon Trump.

When White House spokesperson Stephanie Grisham was asked about Bloomberg’s questions during the FCS news channel, Trump said that “there is a score that can prove that he will do something for the American people, so no matter what Who is right, he will win the president.”

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