Let’s thoroughly establish science and technology viewpoint and Japanese bird with national style

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The full text of the editorial “ Science and Technology Perspective and Japanese Birds in a Traditional Style ”, published in Part 8 of the Labor News, is as follows.

Kim Jong- un, the esteemed senior leader, recently cultivated the No. 1116 Farm, firmly upholding the ethos that emphasizes science and technology in every sector and every unit. He emphasized that the viewpoint and the Japanese bird should be thoroughly established with the national style.

It is our party’s will to make our country’s scientific and technological prowess in the shortest period of time to shine our country as a mighty nation that will lead the world on its own.

All workers, party members, and workers should vigorously struggle to uphold the party’s intentions and to establish a scientific and technological perspective and a Japanese bird.

The beloved oldest leader, Kim Jong Un, said:

“ We need to establish a science and technology oriented style throughout the society. ”

The importance of science and technology is a strategic line that our party has consistently held since the first phase of the construction of the Bujiang Motherland.

The Great Leader and the Great General regarded the development of science and technology as a great determinant of the rise and fall of nations and nations, and devotes every logo and heart to it. Scientific research bases rose everywhere and the heyday of science and technology development was unfolding.

The new Juche 100s is a proud era in which breakthrough innovation is being made in the country’s scientific and technological development under the party’s energetic leadership.

The beloved Supreme Autonomous Region has empowered scientists and engineers as party and revolutionary vanguards and outposts, generously returning 10 million gold for their scientific research and living conditions, and with extraordinary foresight and energetic leadership. In the struggle to carry out the party’s national science and technology human resources policy, the National Science and Technology Hall, a great place for people’s learning, rises, and science and technology supply bases are built in every unit, and workers work together. Under the leadership of the party, which is pushing the revolution and construction based on science and technology, the viewpoint and ethos that emphasize science and technology are firmly transformed into the national style of our society.

Our party’s idea of ​​establishing a scientific and technological perspective and establishing a Japanese bird as a national wind begins with a scientific analysis of the existence and development of nations and peoples in the era of knowledge economy.

Today’s era is the era of science and technology, in which science and technology become locomotives and drive the overall development of society.The fundamental basis of national power competition among nations is nothing but science and technology competition and talent competition. If we neglect this, our country will not be unable to develop, but it will be ruined.We must keep in mind the principles of science and technology development and the prosperous future of the nation and nations, and constantly increase the science and technology to open the path of prosperity.

The party’s willingness to realize the dreams and ideologies of the powerful nations with its own power is strongly pulsed in the idea of ​​focusing on science and technology and the Japanese bird as the national wind.

Now hostile forces are insisting to try to block our progress toward the bright future, bringing brilliantly the strategic goals that we have pierced through all kinds of challenges and trials, and the best way to advance socialist perfect victory. It is to fight with science and technology as the driving force of leap. If the front of the science and technology is strong, nothing will be scared, and the power of its own will lead to a better future.

Today, the struggle of the people for the construction of a powerhouse is strongly driven by science and technology.We have achieved successes of significant significance in strengthening the self-defense defense of the country, established the iron production system, and established the background of the metal industry development. It is the noble fruit of our party’s science and technology-oriented thinking that the firmness of our hands, the light products, and the bursting of the majority of winds in the agricultural sector, with our brand-name products and brand-name products pouring out in the light industry sector. Our country is constantly on the verge of demand as the demand is rising.

We must thoroughly establish science and technology-focused viewpoints and Japanese birds as the national demand, and shine our country as a powerful nation where human resources form the sea and leap with the power of science and technology.

It is a prerequisite to establish the national style of science and technology that the whole people have the right view of science and technology.

The national wind is the totality of the nation’s peculiar ideological perspectives, struggles, and lifestyles that dominate the whole society and change the situation, environment, and generation.

If the viewpoint of science and technology and the Japanese bird are established as the national wind, both men and women of the whole country, from the central workers to the end-level workers, should have a firm stand that the way of science and technology is the only way to live and the way we will go. If you ignore science and technology, you should not establish independent dignity and destroy peoples.You must establish an active attitude to focus on the development of science and technology. It is important to keep in mind that the loyalty to the party and the passionate love for our country should be expressed in high business results based on science and technology.

We must establish a climate that respects and favors scientists and engineers throughout the society.

Today, if science and technology front is the most front line in advocating the party and revolution and advancing our feats, scientists and engineers are the main force. Scientists and engineers have the leading role, and our country’s strategic position is at the highest level. The happy future of the people is getting ahead.

We must give our deepest consideration to the fact that respecting and preferring scientists and engineers becomes work for ourselves and for the country. The public must be publicized and made known to all the people of the country, and that they have a sense of pride and attachment to their profession; they are responsible for ensuring the research and living conditions of scientists and technologists so that they do not know minor inconveniences and only science. It is necessary to devote energy to research projects. Today, even if there is no result, it is necessary to give scientists and technicians the research projects actively and bear fruit, even if there is no result.

It is very important to introduce scientific research results in a timely manner, in which science technology and production are integrated.In addition to decisively increasing investments in scientific research projects, we cherish and boldly introduce the painstaking research results of scientists and engineers. Should be given by.

There should be a thorough educational wind throughout the country.

Education is the mother of science and technology, a science and technology breeze, and an education oriented breeze.We must raise the slogan of “ Science of science and secure the future with education! ” And raise the flame of education revolution. do.

Kim Jong- un, the beloved oldest leader, comrades of Korea’s immortal classic, “ Teachers should fulfill their role as vocational revolutionaries in the party’s educational revolution policy ” to shine our country as a nation of education and talented people. It is necessary to raise the quality of primary and secondary education, which is the most basic stage in education, to raise students with strong basic principles, and to improve their tertiary education to foster talented prospectively and scientifically. In addition, they should ensure that they have a high level of educator qualities and carry out teaching and education projects responsibly.

Workers should take the lead in striving to establish a scientific and technological viewpoint and the Japanese bird as the national wind.

When the commanding members of the revolution have the right view and stand on science and technology, the national style of science and technology will be built up thoroughly.The workers will take the lead in science and technology learning, Organizational development should be constitutionalized and lived out, and their children should be placed first in the science and technology front, so that they can be true loyalists and patriots who support the party and their homeland by brain war and technology war.

All the workers must grasp the science and technology, actively localize and recycle the raw materials and materials, and reinforce the struggle for savings. Workers should be possessed of modern science and technology, sharing the good experiences with their technological achievements at their own level and exalting the power of our socialism, which develops and advances together.

The role of party organizations should be increased.

Party organizations at all levels should strengthen their political and liberal arts projects to fully equip all workers with the technological and technological ideology of our party. Attention should be given to raising the level of technical practice of workers and workers and to promoting unit development, and to encourage the political and highly valued scientists and technicians who contributed to the development of the country’s wealth and development, and to foster an atmosphere for actively following their examples. .

Let’s all put our country’s science and technology to the world level as soon as possible through the Party’s intention to establish a scientific and technological focus and the Japanese bird as the national wind.

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