Scientists, engineers from all over the world invent hundreds of new technologies this year

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Scientists and engineers from all over the world have invented hundreds of new technologies this year that contribute to economic development and better people’s lives.

Teachers and researchers at Kim Il-sung University have developed a scanning probe microscope that can observe the surface structure of all solid materials at the nanoscale.

We have completed dozens of techniques in our way, including a radiation spectrum analyzer using a Hanso small piece of computer and an integrated circuit soldering device that can safely bond and separate all types of integrated circuit pieces with infrared light.

Researchers at Wonsan Agricultural University and Kim Chul-ju Normal University have made biopesticides into various units in accordance with the global trend of crop pest control.

Li and Pyongyang Transportation and Transport College are transporters with far-infrared heat radiation boards that support the work activities of 30% gas-saving technology in general gas stoves and ensure the accuracy of analytical statistics at high levels. Came up with the system.

At the National Institute of Science and Technology, the Institute of Physics and the Institute of Physics has achieved scientific and technological achievements that contributed to the localization and modernization, including the automatic control system of the ignition machine using oxygen and pulverized coal, and the analyzer that can accurately measure the grain size of various powders with laser.

An intestinal sunk syringe was developed at Korea University Medical Center to enhance the overall therapeutic effect of joint dysfunction.

In the factories, enterprises, and cooperative farms, practical technology development projects are in full swing.

In many units, new technologies are being developed to improve the quality of products and to further strengthen the material technical foundation.

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