The Democratic Party does not value black Trump’s attempt to attack African-American votes.

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US President Trump tried to defeat the black voters’ strong support for the Democratic Party today. At the African American rally in Atlanta, the Democratic Party took their support for granted and did not value them. Rights.

Trump made it clear at the rally that he worked hard to fight illegal immigrants and used trade wars to rebuild the manufacturing base and take care of the black community. He also touted the national unemployment rate to a low of 3.2%, even though the black unemployment rate was 5.4% higher.

Trump also called for “American Afro-American Church to play an important role.” He said in Atlanta, Georgia’s capital: “For decades, the Democratic Party has taken American African-American voters for granted. They will only be good to you before the election, and then they will forget all of you. Get your votes. After that, I said “掰掰”.”

Trump established the “Black Voices for Trump Coalition” group to reverse the hostility of the Republican Party in the decade of African-Americans.

However, the reality is that Trump is highly opposed by black voters. Although they account for less than 14% of the US population, their loyalty to the Democratic Party makes them a powerful force in the presidential election.

In 2016, Trump won the presidential election, only 8% of the black votes, far less than the Democratic opponent Hillary. Hillary Clinton received 88% support.

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party have traditionally disagreed and deepened due to the controversy over ethnic issues that Trump has repeatedly caused. A July survey by Quinnipiac University found that 80% of African-Americans consider Trump to be racist.

“Black Voters Matter” co-founder Cliff Albright called Trump’s efforts a “scam,” which he said was not so much an attempt to establish a true connection. The Democratic Party has mastered the votes of African-American voters.

O’Brien told AFP: “This is a mockery. This is hypocritical. It is an insult.”

“This is actually trying to minimize the black voter turnout rate of the other side. If they can cause enough confusion and lead to a decline in the voter turnout, they don’t even need to get 20% of the black votes, and the victory will come.”

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