Academics and doctors discuss health problems associated with excessive use of the Internet and electronic games

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The National Rehabilitation Center (NRC), in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), hosted yesterday the 6th meeting of addictive behaviors and their effects on public health. Excessive electronic games, media and Internet games.

Dr. Hamad Abdullah Al Ghafari, Director General of the National Rehabilitation Center, said in a speech during the meeting, “We have witnessed an important step in adding electronic gaming addiction to the International Classification of Diseases from the World Health Organization. around the world”.

He added: “Recognizing the addiction of electronic games is a disease that contributes to the development of programs and resources to help people with the disease. The UAE is one of the top 100 online gaming markets, based on revenue sources, while 80% of UAE smartphone users refer to themselves as gaming practitioners Periodically.

He explained that the wide popularity of electronic games in the UAE indicates the possibility of becoming addictive, which we have to initiate and conduct the necessary studies on the subject, in order to prepare guidelines to control the time allowed for screens and electronic games. I look forward to hearing the conclusions and suggestions that the meeting participants will make on this subject.

According to the National Rehabilitation Center, electronic gaming addiction has become a global phenomenon that must be treated like known patterns of addiction, where the center is making tremendous efforts in the fields of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of all addictive behaviors and diseases.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has integrated gaming addiction into its International Classification of Diseases (ICD) as a reliable global reference for health symptoms.

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