Opening of the space science and technology debate-2019 in Korea

The Space Science and Technology Debate-2019 was opened.

Dozens of units, including Kim Il Sung University, Kim Chak University of Technology, National Academy of Sciences, and Agricultural Researchers, participated in the debate hosted by the Central Committee of the Federation of Korean Science and Technology .

The debate on the topic of “Building Space Powers and Advanced Breakthroughs” will be divided into artificial earth composition, space materials and urea, space observation and basic science, and applied technology.

In the debate, more than 180 papers are presented that reflect the achievements and application experiences of space conquest.

There will also be lectures during the debate and audition of the editorials.

The opening ceremony was held at the Science Technology Hall on the 12th.

Relevant workers, scientists, engineers, teachers, researchers and doctoral students participated in the event.

The debate lasts for 15 days.

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