Cold air hits the day, Tokyo’s temperature plummets, Hokkaido will be blizzard

Japan is affected by low air pressure and cold air mass migration. It is predicted that the temperature in Tokyo will drop sharply in the evening, and there will be strong winds in North Japan and Hokuriku. Hokkaido will turn from rain to snow in the afternoon, and the weather will be bad after entering the night in Hokkaido. Tourists must pay attention to the impact of heavy snow on traffic.

The Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK) reported that the Japan Meteorological Agency said that the low pressure developed along with the front is booming and is currently moving northward in Hokkaido, causing North Japan to continue to increase its wind power on the Japanese side of the sea. North Japan and Hokuriku will have a very strong wind today, and there may be a strong snowstorm on the 16th in Hokkaido.

In addition, the cold air group that is comparable to the harsh winter enters Japan, and Hokkaido is dominated by the Japanese sea side. It will also drop heavy snow tonight on the 16th.

It is estimated that the amount of snowfall will be 40 hours in the morning tomorrow, about 40 cm in Hokkaido and 20 cm in the northeast. The amount of snowfall in the morning of the 16th may even reach 50 cm to 70 cm.

Hokkaido Broadcasting (HBC) reported that Hokkaido is expected to change from rain to snow after noon, and the weather will be bad after the night. Currently, 19 classes of ferries that have been scheduled to sail and arrive in Hokkaido have stopped, and all municipal schools, such as Muroran, have decided. Temporary suspension of classes.

In addition to the North Japan, this cold air group will also make sense of Tokyo, Osaka and Aichi, and it is expected that there will be a low temperature of 8 degrees Celsius tomorrow morning. Although the temperature in Tokyo increased in the morning, the northerly winds strengthened in the afternoon, and the temperature in the evening will plummet.

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